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“Ten Creative Turkey Sandwich Recipes.” This was just one of dozens of articles featured in magazines this month about what to do with the leftovers from the Thanksgiving Day feast.

A few weeks ago, I went to hear Robert Eggers, founder of DC Central Kitchen, talk about how his organization creatively uses “leftovers” of many kinds to address issues of hunger in Washington, DC . . .

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Saturday in the City - Upohar Ethnic Cuisines

The kitchen is steamy and filled with spicy scents of coriander and limes, chilies and lemons. Five women work around each other, chopping tomatoes and cilantro, sautéing peppers and onions, and whirling mounds of chickpeas, sesame tahini and garlic in a large food processor . . .

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Saturday in the City - The Alley Garden

I spent much of last Saturday wandering the narrow and often-fascinating alleys around the city. Down a narrow alley in the southeast part of the city, off of Shippen Street, I found a group of neighbors involved in a clean-up day in their communal “Alley Garden” . . .

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ASSETS Lancaster

Walking around the city, it’s astounding how many small businesses are here, in glass-windowed shops along the city’s main “royalty” streets (King, Queen, Prince, Duke), as well as down narrow alleys, in old city rowhomes, and in refurbished former warehouses and factories. Catering businesses, bookkeeping services, barber shops, flower shops, photography studios, internet marketing services, mechanics – just to name a few . . .

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