With love and gratitude

With love and gratitude

An endeavor like this would be impossible without the love and support of many people. So, on the eve of my departure, and, fittingly, on Valentine’s Day, here’s a small expression of my love and gratitude for each of them.

To Marie, whose heart for the “least of these” inspires me and whose example continues to teach me;

To Jean, mentor, prayer-answerer, project partner, and cherished friend;

To Greg, for gentle nudgings, fruitful introductions and a special “sending”;

To Pam, for poetic prayers and a meaningful message of God’s love;

To the ECOB Discovery Class, for listening to these stories over and over, and continuing to ask important questions;

To Don K. for enriching my understanding of forgiveness and for sharing his wisdom as an experienced author;

To the ECOB Book Club, with special thanks for introductions and connections;

To my entire church family at ECOB for lifting me and this project up in prayer;

To my PrayerMates, Samuel (on death row) and Timothy (a “lifer”), for reaching out amid their own pain to pray for me every day for the past two years;

To Jerry, Gene, Butch and Yusef, for sharing the stories I now carry with me on this journey;

To the York Writers’ Group: Lori, Mike, Anne, Lisa, Kristy, Maggie, Steve, Judy, Jackie, Nancy, and Maria – for both honest critiques and constant encouragement;

To Diane, Lynne, Rose, Kay, Lisa, and Trish for laughing, crying, sharing, encouraging and praying with me every Friday morning;

To Gail, for affirmations when I most needed them;

To Betty, for mentoring, reality checks, and sustenance for the journey,

To the other five of the “SixPac” – Marion, Pam, Maureen, Karen and Lauren – for believing in me from the very beginning of my journey as a writer nearly 30 years ago and for cheering me on ever since;

To Wendy, James and Jeff, for leaps of faith on many fronts;

To Eric and Hannah, for continually saying, “Go, MOM!”;

To Dad, for trekking major parts of this journey with me, both figuratively and literally;

To Mom, for being my best advocate and “secret agent”;

And finally, to Bruce, my husband, lover, life partner, and best friend – for standing beside me and walking this journey with me, for keeping me grounded while lifting me up, for believing before I did that I could do this, and for having the faith and strength to say, “Go.” Thank you. I love you. I carry your heart with me.

I plan to get on the road tomorrow, Monday Feb 15th, around 1:00PM and will have my first speaking engagement tomorrow evening in Westminster, MD. Stay tuned for updates from the road.

Who do you need to thank? To whom do you need to say, “I love you”? What are you waiting for?

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