Two Adventurous Young Women and A Room Renovation

Two Adventurous Young Women and A Room Renovation

Today’s post is a combo-post – part Ruth’s story, part home renovation story and part story of another adventurous young woman, our Hannah.

When we first saw this time capsule house, several of the rooms especially captivated me. This third floor bedroom was one of them. It appears this had been Ruth’s bedroom, and everywhere we looked, there were clues to her life:
~ photos and plaques on the walls
~ letters and books on the desk
~ perfume and jewelry on the dresser
~ childhood toys on the chair
~ and Ruth’s travel scrapbooks, pilot’s log and passport on the shelves in the closets.

Plenty of evidence of a life well-lived.

And now, newly renovated, this will be Hannah’s room. She’s just returned home for the summer, after completing her second year of college, majoring in Peace Studies and International Relations. In a couple of months, she’ll be off again on the first major adventure of her life – she’ll spend five months living and studying in Ghana, West Africa. It seems fitting, somehow, that this third floor room that was once Ruth’s is now Hannah’s.

Who knows what other adventures the years ahead may hold for OUR girl . . . another story to be told someday.

For now, you can take a photo tour of the room as we first saw it and the renovation (the captions with the photos tell more of the story)

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