Time Capsule House

Time Capsule House

Friends have been asking to see and hear more about our “time-capsule” house as we first saw it. A little background for those who haven’t yet heard the story: it’s a city rowhome, built in 1915, that was owned by a woman named Ruth. This had been Ruth’s childhood home (she was born in 1925). Ruth grew up and moved out on her own years ago, but Ruth’s mother continued to live in this house until she died in 1989. Ruth then inherited her mother’s house. Even though Ruth had her own apartment across town, she was unable to part with “Mama’s house” and it appears she left everything intact, just as it had been when her mother was still alive. When we saw the house for the first time, it had been sitting, unoccupied but fully furnished, for over 20 years: a true time-capsule. I’m working on writing a book about Ruth’s life, which I’m discovering little by little from the records and memorabilia left to me when we moved into her childhood home. In the meantime, here are more photos with detailed captions.

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