Things that go bump in the night

My eyes fly open.
Whawazzat? my sleep-addled brain sputters.
I hold my breath and listen.
Did I dream it?
Still silence.
Maybe I kicked something…
I listen for a moment longer
Then start drifting back to…

Eyes open again,
I listen again, more intently.
Tree branch against the van?
Moments pass.
Dead-of-night, deep-country silence.
I lift my head, slide the curtain up and peek out.
Nothing but black shapes and shadows.
I look at the clock.
I drop back to the pillow and close my eyes.

I sit straight up, bumping my head.

Something’s on the roof
Eyes adjusting to the inky dark,
I look toward the skylights near the front of the van.
A dark shape moves.
I slowly lift the blankets
Slide my feet onto the floor
Stand up
Keep my eyes on the skylight.

No more sound.
No more movement.
But something’s definitely there.
I can feel it.
And I have my suspicions.
But no one but Marion would believe me.
I fumble for the camera.
I wonder…
I take three slow steps toward the front…
Slide the camera switch to “on”…
Aim toward the middle skylight…
Adjust the zoom…
Got him!

Marion didn’t name him “Bubba Bad Boy” for nothing!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What’s your best “things that go bump in the night” story?

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