The journey begins

The official start of this journey was a little anti-climactic, as my first speaking gig was canceled due to a forecast of snow. The snow never materialized, but blessings did. I was able to visit Hannah at Goucher and take her out for pizza, a big treat for a snow-bound, cash-strapped college kid. Then it was on to the home of my good friends Pam and Randy and their boys, Owen and Raleigh, outside of Baltimore. Pam is an amazing cook, and a delicious chicken dish with artichokes and spinach was on the menu. Another unexpected bonus – she dished the leftovers into a container for me to take on the road! (THANK YOU, PAM!) After dinner, Owen, Pam and I had a mad game of Mexican Train Dominoes, then we watched Olympic figure skating until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

Pam offered me a bed in the house, but I wanted to test out my “home on wheels.” And what a comforting way to do it, from the safety of their driveway, where any help I might need was just a few steps away. So I warmed the van with the little cabin heater, snuggled into layers of blankets and flannel sheets that smell of home, and drifted away to “Sweet Dreams” – the words my grandmother embroidered on a pillowcase for me years ago. I doubt she ever pictured me using it on such a venture!

A wintry wind is rustling the trees this morning and there’s a shimmer of snow on the driveway. Luckily, it’s only a short drive to Westminster, MD, where I’ll be speaking to a group at 1:30 this afternoon. Then it’s on to Staunton, Virginia.

Before getting on the road, I open the “Celtic Blessings” calendar I purchased for the trip, turn first to April, mark the 30th “Home!”, then turn the page to February. The blessing for this month says, “Walk this world with hearts on fire.” And so my journey begins.

What sets your heart on fire?

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