Scenes from a . . . City Garden

Scenes from a . . . City Garden

While Sunday’s letter to the editor raised questions about how Ruth would feel about my digging into her past and doubts about the legitimacy of some of the information and theories about Ruth that were shared in the newspaper article, there is NO doubt that Ruth loved being in the garden here at the house.

Neighbors have told me that when she came here to “Mama’s house” several times every week, she spent much of her time here in the garden, tending to the rose bushes, the Rose of Sharon trees, the forsythia, and planting bulbs, annuals, perennials and other growing things.

And we are the grateful beneficiaries of her careful planting and tending. We decided early this spring to just “watch” for a season, to see what would appear in the various planting beds out back, before deciding whether to make any major changes. What fun it’s been to simply wait and see what sprouts and grows and blossoms! It’s been a feast for the senses.

So today’s post is a photo tour of what’s sprouting and growing and fruiting and flowering here in Ruthie’s garden.

(full disclosure: I have added a few things to the garden beds, to fill in some empty spaces, and have planted a few veggies, herbs and flowers in containers on the patio and porch)

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