Reflections and Direction

It’s been an intense week of learning, reflection and decisions.

As regular readers of my blog know, the entries I’ve been posting for the past 6 months have run the gamut of topics from home renovation and Ruth’s story . . .

to Lancaster city life . . .

to restorative justice and criminal justice.

Personally, I love the variety and the challenge of covering all of those topics, but I also realize that some readers may not be interested in reading about all of them.

This past week, I was in an intensive training course all day, every day, and had three hours worth of homework every night (more on that in a future post!) So it seemed like a good time to take a little break from my blogging (not that I would have had time for it anyway!) and then re-group to make some decisions about the direction of the blog.

As for the home renovation, the major work on the house is completed and while we have a few more little inside projects to do, I won’t be blogging about home renovation any more.

As you might recall, I received conflicting feedback from a variety of people who knew Ruth or who are related to Ruth about whether to continue researching and sharing her story. After some additional conversations with a few more people and some careful thought, I have decided to set aside the project of researching and writing about Ruth’s life, for now. Notice those last two little words: for now. I intend to hold onto the various scrapbooks and photos that were turned over to me, and may at some point in the future take the project up again. But for now it feels right, for many reasons, to set that project aside.

So that leaves writing about Lancaster city life and restorative justice/criminal justice. Truthfully, that feels more manageable and more focused from my perspective, though I realize there might still be readers who aren’t interested in everything I write about.

Also, I realize some readers were mostly interested in Ruth’s story and/or the home renovation. To all of you, I’d like to say “Thank you” for your emails, Facebook messages and comments about those posts and the photos that accompanied them. It’s so gratifying as a writer to know that someone is actually reading what you write, and even more gratifying when they take a moment to let you know what thoughts, questions and ideas they have in response to your writing. I hope you’ll find my writings on other topics intriguing and worthwhile enough to keep following my blog.

And to everyone else who has encouraged me, responded to my posts, asked thought-provoking questions and offered suggestions, many, many thanks! I sincerely appreciate you and I look forward to continuing to explore, connect and engage in dialogue with you via the wonderful world of blogging!

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