Prayers for Jerry, from “Grace Goes to Prison”

Prayers for Jerry, from “Grace Goes to Prison”

Those of you who read “Grace Goes to Prison” may recall stories of a man named Jerry in the book. After 27 years of incarceration, Jerry will go in front of the Parole Board for the first time on Wednesday, July 17, 2013.

He has dreamed of and prayed about this moment for years. While in prison, he has participated in numerous programs to better himself, to learn new things, and to give back to others. He helped to organize the PA Prison Runathons at Rockview with Marie Hamilton and others for many years. He has had a stellar record of good behavior inside the prison for 27 years. He has worked very diligently over the past year preparing a detailed and comprehensive reentry plan for himself that includes a home plan, a job, and counseling and support programs he plans to participate in in the community. He does have a place to live and the offer of a good job, if he is granted parole.

My husband and I have been visiting and corresponding with Jerry since 2008, and we are committed to walking alongside him as he makes his reentry back into the community, if he is granted parole.

He is understandably very nervous and apprehensive about his parole hearing next Wednesday and about what the Board will decide.

I am posting this to ask readers of my blog to please consider praying for Jerry and ask that Jerry be put on any prayer chains or prayer request lists that you have access to. Please also pray for the members of the Pennsylvania Parole Board, as well as for others who will be asked to provide their input regarding whether Jerry should be paroled, including sentencing judge, prosecuting attorney, victim/victims family, prison superintendent, prison counselors and institutional parole officers.

Thank you so much. We know Jerry will be touched and immensely grateful for your prayers and for all expressions of care and concern for him during this stressful time.

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