Other gems and nuggets

Other gems and nuggets

DINER WISDOM: In a choice between a chain restaurant and a “Mom & Pop,” always choose the “Mom & Pop.”

DINER WISDOM COROLLARY # 1: Always tip generously at “Mom & Pop’s.” Your tip might be the difference between dinner and no dinner for the waitress and her kids.

DINER WISDOM COROLLARY #2: The cleanliness of any restaurant’s bathrooms is a clear (and sometimes disturbing) indicator of the cleanliness of the kitchen where YOUR MEAL will be prepared!

Taking a nap is a perfectly acceptable way to spend a springtime afternoon.

Don’t believe everything your GPS tells you.

Don’t be afraid to get off the expressway and take the side roads.

Route 66, the reality, doesn’t quite match “Historic Route 66,” the nostalgic myth. But there are some interesting sights along the way

Do not drive into smoke. Seriously.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What’s your favorite “bit of wisdom”? Have you ever NOT followed it and wished you had?

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