Lancaster City Culture - 2nd Sunday Flavor Fair

Lancaster City Culture - 2nd Sunday Flavor Fair

The sounds of rocking blues music drew me up the 300 block of North Queen Street this afternoon. The rich scents of grilled meats and exotically spiced ethnic dishes filled the air. I followed my nose into the courtyard behind Building Character (342 N Queen St). And I thanked my LUCKY SUNDAY STARS! It was the Second Sunday Flavor Fair.

On the second Sunday of every month, from June through October, Building Character and the East Side Community Kitchen are co-hosting these unique events where you can sample fantastic food from ten or so of Lancaster’s newest food entrepreneurs.

Marty Hulse, the owner of Building Character, told me he’d been thinking about creating some type of event to give visitors and city residents something fun to do in the city on Sundays. And Leah Margerum, owner of East Side Community Kitchen (ESCK), wanted to provide an opportunity to showcase the foods of the chefs and caterers who use ESCK, (a sort of business incubator/shared kitchen space for food-based businesses) and other local food producers. Marty and Leah talked, the planets aligned, and voila! Second Sunday Flavor Fairs were born.

And what a brilliant concept it is! I had just one problem with it: I couldn’t decide what to eat:

A savory gourmet panini from Rocco’s Awful Good Dinners?

A succulent pulled chicken sandwich slathered with Kinderhook Bold & Spicy BBQ sauce at the Catering Concepts Unlimited tent?

Or maybe I’d have some crunchy, spicy falafel wrapped in a soft wheat pita from the chez cool Urban Olive food truck . . .

Hmmm . . .

I considered the Latin pulled pork or beef empanadas (maybe with a side of maduros – fried sweet plantains) from Catering by Christina . . .

The authentic Egyptian, Nepalese, Syrian or other ethnic dishes made by refugee women who have resettled in Lancaster looked SOOO tempting! Sri from Upohar Ethnic Cuisines was there, smiling as she always is (I see her regularly at Eastern Market), ready to serve it up.

I could have even taken a trip down memory lane to the days when we lived in England with some of the hearty English pub fare (the REAL DEAL!) from Quips Pub!

Then there were the sweet smells of beautifully decorated sugar cookies, plump chocolatey whoopie pies, adorable decorated cupcakes and nut-topped turtle cake, courtesy of The Baking Belles,

And a gorgeous and colorful array of fresh-picked local peaches, zucchini, candy onions, tomatoes and herbs from Everyday Local Food!

Heck, even the organic baby & toddler foods from This Little Piggy looked yummy! (confession: as a young mother, I was known to sneak spoonfuls of my babies’ strained peaches right out from under their noses…Sorry, kids! Just be glad This Little Piggy wasn’t around 20 years ago, or I’d have been pilfering a lot more than your Piggy’s Pureed Peaches)

As for deciding what to eat at the Flavor Fair – it really WASN’T fair!

Luckily, there will be three more Second Sunday Flavor Fairs before the season is over: Sunday August 14th, Sunday September 11th and Sunday October 9th. So mark your calendars. Until the next Flavor Fair, this little photo tour will have to tide you (and me) over…

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