Ghosts of Businesses Past

Ghosts of Businesses Past

Walking around the city, there are clues to Lancaster’s history in some interesting places. The names of certain businesses are deeply intertwined with Lancaster’s past:
Steinman Hardware (founded 1744),
Miesse Candies (founded in 1875),
Watt & Shand (circa 1880),
Hamilton Watch Company (founded in 1892),
Dodge Cork (founded in 1926 – later connected with Armstrong) . . .
just to name a few. Some of the buildings where these businesses were started have been restored and re-purposed. But countless other less-well-known businesses have existed here for a while, then slipped away. I spent most of Saturday afternoon walking around some of the alleys of the city and found clues to some of those businesses.

Here’s a photo tour of some of the “ghosts of businesses past” that I’ve discovered walking around the city.

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