Bits of wisdom gleaned along the way

When you cross a mighty river, go slowly, breathe it in, and take photos (even if the driver behind you lays on the horn, flashes his headlights and revs his engine in an attempt to get you to speed up!)

When you make a wrong turn, take time to look around at wherever you’ve landed, to see what you might have otherwise missed.

If you pass something that looks interesting, don’t be afraid to make a U-turn and go back and check it out.

Ladybugs make interesting traveling companions. I have no idea what ladybugs eat, but one hardy little spotted girl has found enough sustenance inside my van to travel with me for over a week now. Caution: they like to divebomb – especially at night.

Never hesitate to share your story. You never know who might turn out to be a kindred spirit, have an incredible story of their own or be willing to go out of their way to help you to spread your message.

Take time to STOP periodically and get your wheels balanced and aligned, your fluid levels checked and replenished, and your fuel tank refilled.

Have a plan . . . but make the most of it when the plan falls through. Something even better is likely to be awaiting you.

Always be prepared for the unexpected

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