Title: Dealing with Family Conflict? Family Mediation May Help

Word Count: about 1200 words


Mediation is often used to help divorcing couples work out settlements and child custody agreements. But family mediation is increasingly being used to help families resolve conflict related to elder care, parent-teen relationships, adoption issues, family wills and estates, family businesses and property and other conflict that, left unresolved, leads to breakdown in family relationships. Covers what mediation is (and what it isn’t), how it works, what families should expect, critical success factors, when mediation may not be appropriate and how to decide if family mediation may be right for your family.


How much time do you spend dealing with conflict in your family? Whether with your children, your spouse, your aging parents or extended family, family conflict can be a significant source of stress and can lead to a breakdown in family ties. So what can you do? Family mediation may help…

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