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Title: School Bus Cake
Word Count: 775 words
Description: A mother tries to bond with her elementary school-aged son through an ill-fated cake baking project.

Title: By Invitation Only
Word Count: 200 words
Description: A young American girl with a British teacher gets her first lesson in communication barriers between English and . . . ENGLISH.

Title: Jay Feeney – Adventures in French
Word Count: 315 words
Description: A young girl taking her first French lessons discovers the truth about the new boy in class.

Title: George the Diabolical
Word Count: 275 words
Description: On her daughter’s first day in a new school, a mother encounters one of her daughter’s new classmates.

Title: Mummies from Around the World (perfect for Mother’s Day)
Word Count: 460 words
Description: A group of mothers from around the world find they have much in common.

Title:The Gift of the Nest
Word Count: 950 words
Description: When a pair of wrens builds a nest on the front porch, a mom and her two young children learn some of life’s most important lessons.

Title: The View in the Rear View Mirror
Word Count: 630 words
Description: A frazzled mother finds a moment of peace in her morning commute when she looks in the rear view mirror.

Title: Parenting Lessons from Dorothy
Word Count: 560 words
Description: What a 16 year old in a blue gingham dress can teach parents.

Title: Visualize a Hero (may be used in tandem with Random Acts of Kindness week – during February of each year, World Kindness Week -during November of each year or similar holidays)
Word Count: 1000 words
Description: What is a hero? And who deserves to be called one? The answer may surprise you.